Class LogicFilterImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Filter, FilterType
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    AndImpl, NotImpl, OrImpl

    public abstract class LogicFilterImpl
    extends BinaryLogicAbstract
    Defines a logic filter (the only filter type that contains other filters). This filter holds one or more filters together and relates them logically with an internally defined type (AND, OR, NOT).
    Rob Hranac, TOPP
    • Constructor Detail

      • LogicFilterImpl

        protected LogicFilterImpl​(List<Filter> children)
      • LogicFilterImpl

        protected LogicFilterImpl​(Filter filter1,
                                  Filter filter2,
                                  short filterType)
                           throws IllegalFilterException
        Convenience constructor to create an AND/OR logic filter.
        filter1 - An initial sub filter.
        filter2 - An initial sub filter.
        filterType - The final relation between all sub filters.
        IllegalFilterException - Does not conform to logic filter structure
    • Method Detail

      • addFilter

        public final void addFilter​(Filter filter)
                             throws IllegalFilterException
        Adds a sub filter to this filter.
        filter - Specified filter to add to the sub filter list.
        IllegalFilterException - Does not conform to logic filter structure
        REVISIT: make all filters immutable. This should return a new filter.
      • getFilterIterator

        public Iterator getFilterIterator()
        Gets an iterator for the filters held by this logic filter.
        the iterator of the filters.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Returns a string representation of this filter.
        toString in class Object
        String representation of the logic filter.
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object o)
        Compares this filter to the specified object. Returns true if the passed in object is the same as this filter. Checks to make sure the filter types are the same, and then checks that the subFilters lists are the same size and that one list contains the other. This means that logic filters with different internal orders of subfilters are equal.
        equals in class BinaryLogicAbstract
        o - - the object to compare this LogicFilter against.
        true if specified object is equal to this filter; false otherwise.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        Override of hashCode method.
        hashCode in class BinaryLogicAbstract
        a code to hash this object by.
      • accept

        public abstract Object accept​(FilterVisitor visitor,
                                      Object extraData)
        Used by FilterVisitors to perform some action on this filter instance. Typicaly used by Filter decoders, but may also be used by any thing which needs infomration from filter structure. Implementations should always call: visitor.visit(this); It is importatant that this is not left to a parent class unless the parents API is identical.
        visitor - The visitor which requires access to this filter, the method must call visitor.visit(this);