Class SQLServerDataStoreFactory

    • Field Detail

      • INTSEC

        public static final DataAccessFactory.Param INTSEC
        parameter for using integrated security, only works on windows, ignores the user and password parameters, the current windows user account is used for login

        public static final DataAccessFactory.Param GEOMETRY_METADATA_TABLE
        Metadata table providing information about primary keys *

        public static final DataAccessFactory.Param NATIVE_SERIALIZATION
        parameter for using WKB or Sql server binary directly. Setting to true will use WKB

        public static final DataAccessFactory.Param FORCE_SPATIAL_INDEX
        parameter for forcing the usage of spatial indexes in queries via sql hints

        public static final DataAccessFactory.Param TABLE_HINTS
        parameter for forcing the usage of spatial indexes in queries via sql hints
    • Constructor Detail

      • SQLServerDataStoreFactory

        public SQLServerDataStoreFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        public String getDescription()
        Description copied from interface: DataAccessFactory
        Describe the nature of the datasource constructed by this factory.

        A non localized description of this data store type.

        A human readable description that is suitable for inclusion in a list of available datasources.
      • getValidationQuery

        protected String getValidationQuery()
        Description copied from class: JDBCDataStoreFactory
        Override this to return a good validation query (a very quick one, such as one that asks the database what time is it) or return null if the factory does not support validation.
        Specified by:
        getValidationQuery in class JDBCDataStoreFactory
      • getJDBCUrl

        protected String getJDBCUrl​(Map<String,​?> params)
                             throws IOException
        Builds up the JDBC url in a jdbc:://:;DatabaseName=
        getJDBCUrl in class JDBCDataStoreFactory
      • canProcess

        public boolean canProcess​(Map<String,​?> params)
        Description copied from class: JDBCDataStoreFactory
        Default implementation verifies the Map against the Param information.

        It will ensure that:

        • params is not null
        • Everything is of the correct type (or upcovertable to the correct type without Error)
        • Required Parameters are present
        Specified by:
        canProcess in interface DataAccessFactory
        canProcess in class JDBCDataStoreFactory
        params - The full set of information needed to construct a live data source.
        true if params is in agreement with getParametersInfo and checkDBType
      • createDataStoreInternal

        protected JDBCDataStore createDataStoreInternal​(JDBCDataStore dataStore,
                                                        Map<String,​?> params)
                                                 throws IOException
        Description copied from class: JDBCDataStoreFactory
        Subclass hook to do additional initialization of a newly created datastore.

        Typically subclasses will want to override this method in the case where they provide additional datastore parameters, those should be processed here.

        This method is provided with an instance of the datastore. In some cases subclasses may wish to create a new instance of the datastore, for instance in order to wrap the original instance. This is supported but the new datastore must be returned from this method. If not is such the case this method should still return the original passed in.

        createDataStoreInternal in class JDBCDataStoreFactory
        dataStore - The newly created datastore.
        params - THe datastore parameters.