Interface OGR

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    public interface OGR
    Encapsulates calls to the OGR library.

    Justin Deoliveira, OpenGeo
    • Method Detail

      • GetDriverCount

        int GetDriverCount()
      • GetDriver

        Object GetDriver​(int i)
      • GetDriverByName

        Object GetDriverByName​(String name)
      • OpenShared

        Object OpenShared​(String dataSourceName,
                          int mode)
      • Open

        Object Open​(String dataSourceName,
                    int mode)
      • IsGEOSEnabled

        boolean IsGEOSEnabled()
      • CheckError

        void CheckError​(int code)
                 throws IOException
        Checks the ogr error status code and throws java exceptions accordingly.
        code - The ogr error code.
      • GetLastErrorMsg

        String GetLastErrorMsg()
      • DriverGetName

        String DriverGetName​(Object driver)
      • DriverOpen

        Object DriverOpen​(Object driver,
                          String dataSourceName,
                          int mode)
      • DriverCreateDataSource

        Object DriverCreateDataSource​(Object driver,
                                      String dataSourceName,
                                      String[] opts)
      • DriverRelease

        void DriverRelease​(Object driver)
      • DataSourceGetDriver

        Object DataSourceGetDriver​(Object dataSource)
      • DataSourceGetLayerCount

        int DataSourceGetLayerCount​(Object dataSource)
      • DataSourceGetLayer

        Object DataSourceGetLayer​(Object dataSource,
                                  int i)
      • DataSourceGetLayerByName

        Object DataSourceGetLayerByName​(Object dataSource,
                                        String name)
      • DataSourceRelease

        void DataSourceRelease​(Object dataSource)
      • DataSourceCreateLayer

        Object DataSourceCreateLayer​(Object dataSource,
                                     String name,
                                     Object spatialReference,
                                     long geomType,
                                     String[] opts)
      • DataSourceExecuteSQL

        Object DataSourceExecuteSQL​(Object dataSource,
                                    String sql,
                                    Object spatialFilter)
      • LayerGetLayerDefn

        Object LayerGetLayerDefn​(Object layer)
      • LayerGetFieldCount

        int LayerGetFieldCount​(Object layerDefn)
      • LayerGetFieldDefn

        Object LayerGetFieldDefn​(Object layerDefn,
                                 int i)
      • LayerGetName

        String LayerGetName​(Object layer)
      • LayerGetGeometryType

        long LayerGetGeometryType​(Object layerDefn)
      • LayerGetSpatialRef

        Object LayerGetSpatialRef​(Object layer)
      • LayerGetExtent

        Object LayerGetExtent​(Object layer)
      • LayerGetFeatureCount

        long LayerGetFeatureCount​(Object layer)
      • LayerRelease

        void LayerRelease​(Object layer)
      • LayerReleaseLayerDefn

        void LayerReleaseLayerDefn​(Object layerDefn)
      • LayerCanDeleteFeature

        boolean LayerCanDeleteFeature​(Object layer)
      • LayerCanWriteRandom

        boolean LayerCanWriteRandom​(Object layer)
      • LayerCanWriteSequential

        boolean LayerCanWriteSequential​(Object layer)
      • LayerCanCreateField

        boolean LayerCanCreateField​(Object layer)
      • LayerCanIgnoreFields

        boolean LayerCanIgnoreFields​(Object layer)
      • LayerCreateField

        void LayerCreateField​(Object layer,
                              Object fieldDefn,
                              int approx)
      • LayerSyncToDisk

        void LayerSyncToDisk​(Object layer)
      • LayerNewFeature

        Object LayerNewFeature​(Object layerDefn)
      • LayerSetSpatialFilter

        void LayerSetSpatialFilter​(Object layer,
                                   Object geometry)
      • LayerSetAttributeFilter

        void LayerSetAttributeFilter​(Object layer,
                                     String attFilter)
      • LayerSetIgnoredFields

        int LayerSetIgnoredFields​(Object layer,
                                  String[] fields)
      • LayerResetReading

        void LayerResetReading​(Object layer)
      • LayerGetNextFeature

        Object LayerGetNextFeature​(Object layer)
      • LayerDeleteFeature

        boolean LayerDeleteFeature​(Object layer,
                                   long fid)
      • LayerSetFeature

        int LayerSetFeature​(Object layer,
                            Object feature)
      • LayerCreateFeature

        int LayerCreateFeature​(Object layer,
                               Object feature)
      • LayerGetFIDColumnName

        String LayerGetFIDColumnName​(Object layer)
      • FieldGetName

        String FieldGetName​(Object field)
      • FieldGetType

        long FieldGetType​(Object field)
      • FieldGetWidth

        int FieldGetWidth​(Object field)
      • FieldSetWidth

        void FieldSetWidth​(Object field,
                           int width)
      • FieldSetJustifyRight

        void FieldSetJustifyRight​(Object field)
      • FieldSetPrecision

        void FieldSetPrecision​(Object field,
                               int precision)
      • FieldIsIntegerType

        boolean FieldIsIntegerType​(long type)
      • FieldIsRealType

        boolean FieldIsRealType​(long type)
      • FieldIsBinaryType

        boolean FieldIsBinaryType​(long type)
      • FieldIsDateType

        boolean FieldIsDateType​(long type)
      • FieldIsTimeType

        boolean FieldIsTimeType​(long type)
      • FieldIsDateTimeType

        boolean FieldIsDateTimeType​(long type)
      • FieldIsIntegerListType

        boolean FieldIsIntegerListType​(long type)
      • FieldIsRealListType

        boolean FieldIsRealListType​(long type)
      • CreateStringField

        Object CreateStringField​(String name)
      • CreateIntegerField

        Object CreateIntegerField​(String name)
      • CreateRealField

        Object CreateRealField​(String name)
      • CreateBinaryField

        Object CreateBinaryField​(String name)
      • CreateDateField

        Object CreateDateField​(String name)
      • CreateTimeField

        Object CreateTimeField​(String name)
      • CreateDateTimeField

        Object CreateDateTimeField​(String name)
      • FeatureGetFID

        long FeatureGetFID​(Object feature)
      • FeatureIsFieldSet

        boolean FeatureIsFieldSet​(Object feature,
                                  int i)
      • FeatureSetGeometryDirectly

        void FeatureSetGeometryDirectly​(Object feature,
                                        Object geometry)
      • FeatureGetGeometry

        Object FeatureGetGeometry​(Object feature)
      • FeatureUnsetField

        void FeatureUnsetField​(Object feature,
                               int i)
      • FeatureSetFieldInteger

        void FeatureSetFieldInteger​(Object feature,
                                    int field,
                                    int value)
      • FeatureSetFieldDouble

        void FeatureSetFieldDouble​(Object feature,
                                   int field,
                                   double value)
      • FeatureSetFieldBinary

        void FeatureSetFieldBinary​(Object feature,
                                   int field,
                                   int length,
                                   byte[] value)
      • FeatureSetFieldDateTime

        void FeatureSetFieldDateTime​(Object feature,
                                     int field,
                                     int year,
                                     int month,
                                     int day,
                                     int hour,
                                     int minute,
                                     int second,
                                     int tz)
      • FeatureSetFieldString

        void FeatureSetFieldString​(Object feature,
                                   int field,
                                   String str)
      • FeatureGetFieldAsString

        String FeatureGetFieldAsString​(Object feature,
                                       int i)
      • FeatureGetFieldAsInteger

        int FeatureGetFieldAsInteger​(Object feature,
                                     int i)
      • FeatureGetFieldAsDouble

        double FeatureGetFieldAsDouble​(Object feature,
                                       int i)
      • FeatureGetFieldAsDateTime

        void FeatureGetFieldAsDateTime​(Object feature,
                                       int i,
                                       int[] year,
                                       int[] month,
                                       int[] day,
                                       int[] hour,
                                       int[] minute,
                                       int[] second,
                                       int[] tzFlag)
      • FeatureDestroy

        void FeatureDestroy​(Object feature)
      • GetPointType

        long GetPointType()
      • GetPoint25DType

        long GetPoint25DType()
      • GetLinearRingType

        long GetLinearRingType()
      • GetLineStringType

        long GetLineStringType()
      • GetLineString25DType

        long GetLineString25DType()
      • GetPolygonType

        long GetPolygonType()
      • GetPolygon25DType

        long GetPolygon25DType()
      • GetMultiPointType

        long GetMultiPointType()
      • GetMultiLineStringType

        long GetMultiLineStringType()
      • GetMultiLineString25DType

        long GetMultiLineString25DType()
      • GetMultiPolygonType

        long GetMultiPolygonType()
      • GetMultiPolygon25DType

        long GetMultiPolygon25DType()
      • GetGeometryCollectionType

        long GetGeometryCollectionType()
      • GetGeometryCollection25DType

        long GetGeometryCollection25DType()
      • GetGeometryNoneType

        long GetGeometryNoneType()
      • GetGeometryUnknownType

        long GetGeometryUnknownType()
      • GeometryGetWkbSize

        int GeometryGetWkbSize​(Object geom)
      • GeometryExportToWkb

        int GeometryExportToWkb​(Object geom,
                                byte[] wkb)
      • GeometryCreateFromWkb

        Object GeometryCreateFromWkb​(byte[] wkb,
                                     int[] ret)
      • GeometryExportToWkt

        String GeometryExportToWkt​(Object geom,
                                   int[] ret)
      • GeometryCreateFromWkt

        Object GeometryCreateFromWkt​(String wkt,
                                     int[] ret)
      • GeometryDestroy

        void GeometryDestroy​(Object geometry)
      • SpatialRefGetAuthorityCode

        String SpatialRefGetAuthorityCode​(Object spatialRef,
                                          String authority)
      • SpatialRefExportToWkt

        String SpatialRefExportToWkt​(Object spatialRef)
      • SpatialRefRelease

        void SpatialRefRelease​(Object spatialRef)
      • NewSpatialRef

        Object NewSpatialRef​(String wkt)