Class AppSchemaDataAccessConfigurator.ComplexNameImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • ComplexNameImpl

        public ComplexNameImpl​(String namespace,
                               String local,
                               boolean isNestedElement)
    • Method Detail

      • getLocalPart

        public String getLocalPart()
        Description copied from interface: Name
        Retrieve the "local" name.

        This mechanism captures the following ISO 19103 concerns:

        • GenericName.depth(): this concept is not interesting, we assume a namespace would be able to navigate through contained namespace on its own based on this local part.
        • GenericName.asLocalName()
        Specified by:
        getLocalPart in interface Name
        getLocalPart in class NameImpl
        local name (can be used in namespace lookup)
      • getNamespaceURI

        public String getNamespaceURI()
        Description copied from interface: Name
        Returns the URI of the namespace for this name.

        In ISO 19103 this is known as scope and containes a backpointer to the containing namespace. This solution is too heavy for our purposes, and we expect applications to provide their own lookup mechanism through which they can use this URI. The namespace URI does serve to make this name unique and is checked as part of the equals operation.

        Specified by:
        getNamespaceURI in interface Name
        getNamespaceURI in class NameImpl
      • isNestedElement

        public boolean isNestedElement()
        Returns true if represented Name is a nested element instead an attribute.