Class XmlFeatureTypeMapping

  • public class XmlFeatureTypeMapping
    extends FeatureTypeMapping
    Russell Petty (GeoScience Victoria), Rini Angreani (CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)
    • Field Detail

      • itemXpath

        protected String itemXpath
    • Constructor Detail

      • XmlFeatureTypeMapping

        public XmlFeatureTypeMapping()
        No parameters constructor for use by the digester configuration engine as a JavaBean
    • Method Detail

      • getAttributeMappingByLabel

        public AttributeMapping getAttributeMappingByLabel​(String label)
        Finds an attribute mapping by label.
        label - The attribute mapping label.
        Attribute mapping that matches the label, or null.
      • getStringMapping

        public AttributeMapping getStringMapping​(XPathUtil.StepList exactPath)
        Finds the attribute mapping for the target expression exactPath
        exactPath - the xpath expression on the target schema to find the mapping for
        the attribute mapping that match 1:1 with exactPath or null if
      • populateFeatureData

        public void populateFeatureData()
                                 throws IOException
      • findMappingsFor

        public List<Expression> findMappingsFor​(XPathUtil.StepList propertyName,
                                                boolean includeNestedMappings)
        Looks up for attribute mappings matching the xpath expression propertyName.

        If any step in propertyName has index greater than 1, any mapping for the same property applies, regardless of the mapping. For example, if there are mappings for gml:name[1], gml:name[2] and gml:name[3], but propertyName is just gml:name, all three mappings apply.

        findMappingsFor in class FeatureTypeMapping