Interface CoverageStore

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    public interface CoverageStore
    extends CoverageSource
    Provided read-write access to a coverage data product.
    Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions, Jody Garnett
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      • getUpdateParameterInfo

        Map<String,​Parameter<?>> getUpdateParameterInfo()
        Describes the required (and optional) parameters that can be passed to the #update(CoverageReadRequest, ProgressListener) method.

        Param a Map describing the Map for #update(CoverageReadRequest, ProgressListener).
      • update

        CoverageResponse update​(CoverageUpdateRequest writeRequest,
                                ProgressListener progress)
        Issue a writeRequest to the coverage store.

        The writeRequest should be constructed within the guidelines provided by the getUpdateParameterInfo method; and should be limited to the abilities laid out by the getCapabilities method.

        response capturing the success/failure and side effects of performing the update.