Class CoverageRequest

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      • CoverageRequest

        public CoverageRequest()
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      • getHandle

        public String getHandle()
        The handle attribute is included to allow a client to associate a mnemonic name to the Query request. The purpose of the handle attribute is to provide an error handling mechanism for locating a statement that might fail.
        the mnemonic name of the query request.
        UML property:
      • getHints

        public Hints getHints()
        Specifies some hints to drive the query execution and results build-up.

        Hints examples can be the GeometryFactory to be used, a generalization distance to be applied right in the data store, to data store specific things such as the fetch size to be used in JDBC queries. The set of hints supported can be fetched by calling . Depending on the actual values of the hints, the data store is free to ignore them. No mechanism is in place, at the moment, to figure out which hints where actually used during the query execution.

        the Hints the data store should try to use when executing the query (eventually empty but never null).
        UML property: