Class AppSchemaAttributeBuilder

  • public class AppSchemaAttributeBuilder
    extends AttributeBuilder
    Builder for attributes.
    Justin Deoliveira (The Open Planning Project)
    • Constructor Detail

      • AppSchemaAttributeBuilder

        public AppSchemaAttributeBuilder​(FeatureFactory attributeFactory)
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public Attribute add​(String id,
                             Object value,
                             Name name,
                             AttributeType type)
        Adds an attribute to the complex attribute being built overriding the type of the declared attribute descriptor by a subtype of it.

        This method uses the type supplied in AttributeBuilder.setType(AttributeType) in order to determine the attribute type.

        id - the attribtue id
        value - The value of the attribute.
        name - The name of the attribute.
        type - the actual type of the attribute, which might be the same as the declared type for the given AttributeDescriptor or a derived type.