Interface RecordType

  • public interface RecordType
    The type definition of a record. A RecordType defines dynamically constructed data type. This interface has methods for data access, but no methods to dynamically add members. This approach ensures that once a RecordType is constructed, it is immutable.

    A RecordType is identified by a TypeName. It contains an arbitrary amount of attribute types which are also identified by TypeName. A RecordType may therefore contain another RecordType as a member. This is a limited association because a named member may be defined to be a single instance of some externally defined RecordType. This does not permit aggregation of any kind.

    This class can be think as the equivalent of the Java Class class.

    GeoAPI 2.1
    Bryce Nordgren (USDA), Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
    See Also:
    Record, RecordSchema