Interface CalendarEra

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    public interface CalendarEra
    Characteristics of each calendar era.
    Stephane Fellah (Image Matters), Alexander Petkov
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      • getName

        InternationalString getName()
        Uniquely identifies the calendar era within this calendar.
      • getReferenceEvent

        InternationalString getReferenceEvent()
        Provides the name or description of a mythical or historic event which fixes the position of the base scale of the calendar era.
      • getReferenceDate

        CalendarDate getReferenceDate()
        Provides the date of the reference event expressed as a date in the given calendar.
      • getJulianReference

        JulianDate getJulianReference()
        Provides the julian date that corresponds to the reference date.
      • getEpochOfUse

        Period getEpochOfUse()
        Identifies the period for which the calendar era was used as a reference fro dating.
        The period, where the data type for begin and end is JulianDate.