Interface CitationFactory

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    public interface CitationFactory
    extends Factory
    A factory for metadata from the citation package. All factory methods accept null value for optional arguments. The value must be non-null for mandatory arguments.
    GeoAPI 2.0
    Jesse Crossley (SYS Technologies)
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      • createAddress

        Address createAddress​(Collection<String> deliveryPoints,
                              InternationalString city,
                              InternationalString administrativeArea,
                              String postalCode,
                              InternationalString country,
                              Collection<String> electronicMailAddresses)
        Location of the responsible individual or organization.
        deliveryPoints - Address line for the location (as described in ISO 11180, Annex A).
        city - The city of the location.
        administrativeArea - State, province of the location.
        postalCode - ZIP or other postal code.
        country - Country of the physical address.
        electronicMailAddresses - Address of the electronic mailbox of the responsible organization or individual.
        The address.
      • createContact

        Contact createContact​(Telephone phone,
                              Address address,
                              OnLineResource onLineResource,
                              InternationalString hoursOfService,
                              InternationalString contactInstructions)
        Information required to enable contact with the responsible person and/or organization.
        phone - Telephone numbers at which the organization or individual may be contacted.
        address - Physical and email address at which the organization or individual may be contacted.
        onLineResource - On-line information that can be used to contact the individual or organization.
        hoursOfService - Time period (including time zone) when individuals can contact the organization or individual.
        contactInstructions - Supplemental instructions on how or when to contact the individual or organization.
        The contact.
      • createOnLineResource

        OnLineResource createOnLineResource​(URI linkage,
                                            String protocol,
                                            String applicationProfile,
                                            InternationalString description,
                                            OnLineFunction function)
        Information about on-line sources from which the dataset, specification, or community profile name and extended metadata elements can be obtained.
        linkage - Location (address) for on-line access.
        protocol - Connection protocol to be used.
        applicationProfile - Name of an application profile that can be used with the online resource.
        description - Detailed text description of what the online resource is/does.
        function - Code for function performed by the online resource.
        The online resource.
      • createResponsibleParty

        ResponsibleParty createResponsibleParty​(String individualName,
                                                InternationalString organisationName,
                                                InternationalString positionName,
                                                Contact contactInfo,
                                                Role role)
        Identification of, and means of communication with, person(s) and organizations associated with the dataset. Only one of individualName, organisationName and positionName should be provided.
        individualName - Name of the responsible person- surname, given name, title separated by a delimiter.
        organisationName - Name of the responsible organization.
        positionName - Role or position of the responsible person.
        contactInfo - Address of the responsible party.
        role - Function performed by the responsible party.
        The responsible party.
      • createTelephone

        Telephone createTelephone​(String voice,
                                  String facsimile)
        Telephone numbers for contacting the responsible individual or organization.
        voice - Telephone number by which individuals can speak to the responsible organization or individual.
        facsimile - Telephone number of a facsimile machine for the responsible organization or individual.
        The telephone.