Interface FunctionName

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    public interface FunctionName
    extends Operator
    Function description provided in a filter capabilities.

     <xsd:complexType name="FunctionNameType">
            <xsd:extension base="xsd:string">
               <xsd:attribute name="nArgs" type="xsd:string" use="required"/>

    We have extended this idea to include a list of argument names to better serve interactive clients.

    Torsten Friebe , Justin Deoliveira, The Open Planning Project
    • Method Detail

      • getFunctionName

        Name getFunctionName()
        The qualified name of the function.

        Client code should this method over Operator.getName() to handle qualified names.

      • getArgumentCount

        int getArgumentCount()
        Number of arguments the function accepts.

        • Use a positive number to indicate the number of arguments. Example: add( number1, number2 ) = 2
        • Use a negative number to indicate a minimum number: Example: concat( str1, str2,... ) has -2
         <xsd:attribute name="nArgs" type="xsd:string" use="required"/>

        This value is derived from getArguments()

      • getArgumentNames

        List<String> getArgumentNames()
        Argument names for documentation purposes if known.

        This value is derived from getArguments()

        Argument names (for documentation purposes) if known
      • getArguments

        List<Parameter<?>> getArguments()
        Arguments for the function accepts.
      • getReturn

        Parameter<?> getReturn()
        Return type of the function.