Interface GridCoverageProcessor

  • public interface GridCoverageProcessor
    Provides operations for different ways of accessing the grid coverage values as well as image processing functionality. The list of available processing operations is implementation dependent. The interface has a discovery mechanism to determine the available processing operations.

    These processing operations will transform values within a single sample dimension, and leave the values in other sample dimensions unaffected. The modified sample dimension may also change its type (e.g. from UNSIGNED_4BITS to UNSIGNED_1BIT). The actual underlying grid data remains unchanged.

    The interface has been designed to allow the adaptations to be done in a "pipe-lined" manner. The interface operates on GridCoverage to create new a GridCoverage. The interface does not need to make a copy of the source grid data. Instead, it can return a grid coverage object which applies the adaptations on the original grid coverage whenever a block of data is requested. In this way, a pipeline of several grid coverages can be constructed cheaply.

    This interface can perform any of the following:

    • Change the number of bands being accessed.
    • Change the value sequencing in which the grid values are retrieved.
    • Allow re-sampling of the grid coverage for a different geometry. Creating a new GridCoverage with different grid geometry allows for reprojecting the grid coverage to another projection and another georeferencing type, resampling to another cell resolution and subsetting the grid coverage.
    • Modify the way the grid values are accessed (filtered, classified...).
    • Change the interpolation method used when evaluating points which fall between grid cells.
    • Filtering.
    • Image enhancements.
    • etc.


    WARNING: THIS CLASS WILL CHANGE. Current API is derived from OGC Grid Coverages Implementation specification 1.0. We plan to replace it by new interfaces derived from ISO 19123 (Schema for coverage geometry and functions). Current interfaces should be considered as legacy and are included in this distribution only because they were part of GeoAPI 1.0 release. We will try to preserve as much compatibility as possible, but no migration plan has been determined yet.

    GeoAPI 1.0
    Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)
    • Method Detail

      • getOperations

        Collection<Operation> getOperations()
        Retrieves grid processing operations information. Each operation information will contain the name of the operation as well as a list of its parameters.
        The available operations.