Project Management Committee

Members of the community who have an interest in the greater direction of the project may have their status promoted to that of a Project Management Committee Member. This committee is the official managing body of the Project and is responsible for setting overall project direction.

The PMC makes all decisions that cannot be resolved by module maintainers. The PMC strives to make as few technical decisions as possible, preferring to leave technical decisions to module maintainers and a general consensus process.


The GeoTools PMC is the formal “Project Steering Committee” for GeoTools:

  • The Project Management Committee runs the GeoTools project on behalf of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

  • The PMC is responsible for providing a “GeoTools Officer” to the OSGeo Foundation to act as a point of contact.

  • Other Foundation committees may make request of the project in order to facilitate different initiatives such as promotion, fundraising, education and so forth. The only reliable request has been for a contribution to an annual report.

Current PMC members:

  • Andrea Aime

  • Ian Turton

  • Jody Garnett

  • Nuno Oliveira

  • Simone Giannecchini

  • Torben Barsballe

Our thanks to previous PMC members:

  • Andrea Aime

  • Artur Hefczyc

  • Ben Caradoc-Davies

  • Cameron Shorter

  • Chris Holmes

  • Christian Mueller

  • David Blasby

  • Ian Schneider

  • Justin Deoliveira

  • Martin Desruisseaux

  • Michael Bedward

  • David Zwiers

  • Richard Gould

  • Rob Hranac

  • Rueben Schulz


PMC members:

  • Vote promptly on change management proposals

  • Must be willing to do whatever dirty work is necessary to keep the project moving forward.

    • getting releases out on time (within a week of a request, or according to a schedule)

    • ensure a representative is made available to the OSGeo foundation

  • Keep abreast of project administration communication


  • It is recommended that PMC members maintain a released module

  • Alternatives such documentation or user list have worked for previous PMC members such as Rueben Schulz and Michael Bedward


In order to become a Member, someone on the PMC must nominate the Committer. The individual may then be approved with a 75% majority of the PMC.

Stepping Down

If you are unable to maintain your responsibilities as a PMC member, please feel free to step down at any time. Thank you so much for your contributions.

If we cannot find you (especially when voting on proposals) it becomes very difficult to keep the project functioning. After two months time we will send out a search party and nominate your replacement.

Honoured Founder

We would like to thank the founder of the GeoTools library: James Macgill