GeoTools Documentation

Quickstart to get up and running with GeoTools in minutes:

GeoTools API

GeoTools javadocs are available online ( stable ) zip file download download.

User Guide

The GeoTools User Guide is available online:

User Guide ( stable | maintenance )

Tutorials, module reference and examples illustrating the uses of GeoTools. Updated with build instructions and advanced tutorials and integration instructions.

The user guide is available for download as a zip file.

Tutorials ( stable | maintenance )

Step by step tutorials introducing both GeoTools and geospatial concepts for Java developers.

FAQ ( stable | maintenance )

Convey wisdom gleaned from the GeoTools user list.

Developing GeoTools

See the Get Involved page for the Developer’s Guide, issue tracker and information on joining the GeoTools community.

For the impatient, please read at least the contributor guidelines before starting work on code contributions to the project.