Class Orthographic

  extended by Formattable
      extended by AbstractMathTransform
          extended by MapProjection
              extended by Orthographic
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, MathTransform, MathTransform2D
Direct Known Subclasses:
ObliqueOrthographic, PolarOrthographic

public abstract class Orthographic
extends MapProjection

Orthographic Projection. This is a perspective azimuthal (planar) projection that is neither conformal nor equal-area. It resembles a globe and only one hemisphere can be seen at a time, since it is a perspectiove projection from infinite distance. While not useful for accurate measurements, this projection is useful for pictorial views of the world. Only the spherical form is given here.

NOTE: formulae used below are from a port, to java, of the proj package of the USGS survey. USGS work is acknowledged here.


Rueben Schulz
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Nested Class Summary
static class Orthographic.Provider
          The math transform provider for a Orthographic projection.
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class MapProjection
centralMeridian, en0, en1, en2, en3, en4, excentricity, excentricitySquared, falseEasting, falseNorthing, globalScale, invertible, isSpherical, latitudeOfOrigin, LOGGER, scaleFactor, semiMajor, semiMinor
Fields inherited from class Formattable
Constructor Summary
protected Orthographic(ParameterValueGroup parameters)
          Creates a transform from the specified group of parameter values.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(Object object)
          Compares the specified object with this map projection for equality.
 ParameterDescriptorGroup getParameterDescriptors()
          Returns the parameter descriptors for this map projection.
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checkReciprocal, getParameterValues, getSourceDimensions, getTargetDimensions, getToleranceForAssertions, hashCode, inv_mlfn, inverse, inverseTransformNormalized, mlfn, orthodromicDistance, resetWarnings, transform, transform, transform, transformNormalized
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createTransformedShape, derivative
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derivative, isIdentity, toWKT, transform, transform, transform

Constructor Detail


protected Orthographic(ParameterValueGroup parameters)
                throws ParameterNotFoundException
Creates a transform from the specified group of parameter values.

parameters - The group of parameter values.
ParameterNotFoundException - if a required parameter was not found.
Method Detail


public ParameterDescriptorGroup getParameterDescriptors()
Returns the parameter descriptors for this map projection. This is used for a providing a default implementation of MapProjection.getParameterValues(), as well as arguments checking.

Specified by:
getParameterDescriptors in class MapProjection
The parameter descriptors for this math transform, or null.
See Also:


public boolean equals(Object object)
Compares the specified object with this map projection for equality.

equals in class MapProjection
object - The object to compare with this transform.
true if the given object is a transform of the same class and if, given identical source position, the transformed position would be the equals.

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