Class LineStringPropertyTypeBinding

  extended by AbstractComplexBinding
      extended by GeometryPropertyTypeBindingBase
          extended by LineStringPropertyTypeBinding
All Implemented Interfaces:
Binding, ComplexBinding

public class LineStringPropertyTypeBinding
extends GeometryPropertyTypeBindingBase

Binding object for the type

  <complexType name="LineStringPropertyType">
          <documentation>This type is deprecated with GML 3 and shall not be used. It is included for backwards compatibility with GML 2. Use
                          CurvePropertyType instead. A property that has a line string as its value domain can either be an appropriate geometry element encapsulated
                          in an element of this type or an XLink reference to a remote geometry element (where remote includes geometry elements located elsewhere
                          in the same document). Either the reference or the contained element must be given, but neither both nor none.</documentation>
      <sequence minOccurs="0">
          <element ref="gml:LineString"/>
      <attributeGroup ref="gml:AssociationAttributeGroup">
              <documentation>This attribute group includes the XLink attributes (see xlinks.xsd). XLink is used in GML to reference remote resources
                                  (including those elsewhere in the same document). A simple link element can be constructed by including a specific set of XLink attributes.
                                  The XML Linking Language (XLink) is currently a Proposed Recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium. XLink allows elements to
                                  be inserted into XML documents so as to create sophisticated links between resources; such links can be used to reference remote properties.
                                  A simple link element can be used to implement pointer functionality, and this functionality has been built into various GML 3 elements by
                                  including the gml:AssociationAttributeGroup.</documentation>

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
LineStringPropertyTypeBinding(GML3EncodingUtils encodingUtils, XSDIdRegistry idRegistry)
Method Summary
 Class<? extends Geometry> getGeometryType()
 QName getTarget()
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Constructor Detail


public LineStringPropertyTypeBinding(GML3EncodingUtils encodingUtils,
                                     XSDIdRegistry idRegistry)
Method Detail


public QName getTarget()
The qualified name of the target for the binding.


public Class<? extends Geometry> getGeometryType()
getGeometryType in class GeometryPropertyTypeBindingBase

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