Maven Snapshots

The current live jar published by GeoTools is known as a SNAPSHOT. Projects that want to work directly with GeoTools will depend “SNAPSHOT” rather than specifying a version number.

Grab SNAPSHOT Dependency

We depend on a “snapshot” of several projects (usually project GeoTools community members are involved such as ImageIO-EXT). In these cases an email will be sent to the developer list asking people to “update with -U”.

To respond to one of these emails include “-u” in your next build.

  1. Update (for example from upstream):

    git pull --rebase upstream main
  2. Build using the -U option:

    mvn clean install -U -DskipTests

The above example skipped running the tests (which is common when you are trying for a quick update), please note by definition that “-U” is not compatible with the “-o” offline mode.

Publish GeoTools SNAPSHOT

If you are working on GeoServer or uDig or another project that depends on the latest greatest GeoTools release you will need to know how to deploy a SNAPSHOT (so members of your developer community do not get compile errors).

The build server is watching the repository, and will build and deploy a snapshot. If you really cannot wait:

  1. Update to make sure you are not missing out on anyone’s work:

    git pull --rebase upstream main
  2. Build with tests to make sure your commit is not fatal:

    mvn clean install
  3. Commit - remember to include any Jira issue numbers in your log message:

    mvn commit -m "Change to fix shapefile charset handling, see GEOT-1437"
  4. Push the commits back to upstream:

    mvn push upstream main
  1. Ensure your ~/.m2/settings.xml has your webdav credentials.

    • osgeo - this is the same as your OSGeo credentials

    • boundlessgeo - ask on the developer email list

    The settings.xml should list both:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  2. Deploy for members of your community:

    mvn deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  3. Let your community know via email! (The email can ask them to build with -U).