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Interface Symbolizer

    • Method Detail

      • getUnitOfMeasure

        Unit<Length> getUnitOfMeasure()
        Returns a measure unit. This parameter is inherited from GML. Renderers shall use the unit to correctly render symbols.

        Recommended uom definitions are :

        • metre
        • foot
        • pixel

        can be null. If the unit is null than we shall use a the pixel unit
      • getGeometryPropertyName

        String getGeometryPropertyName()
        Returns the name of the geometry feature attribute to use for drawing. May return null (or Expression.NIL) if this symbol is to use the default geometry attribute, whatever it may be. Using null in this fashion is similar to a PropertyName using the XPath expression ".".

        The content of the element gives the property name in XPath syntax. In principle, a fixed geometry could be defined using GML or operators could be defined for computing the geometry from references or literals. However, using a feature property directly is by far the most commonly useful method.

        Geometry attribute name, or null to indicate default geometry
      • getName

        String getName()
        Returns a name for this symbolizer. This can be any string that uniquely identifies this style within a given canvas. It is not meant to be human-friendly. (The "title" property is meant to be human friendly.)
        a name for this style.
      • getDescription

        Description getDescription()
        Returns the description of this symbolizer.
        Description with usual informations used for user interfaces.
      • accept

        Object accept(StyleVisitor visitor,
                                 Object extraData)
        Calls the visit method of a StyleVisitor
        visitor - the style visitor
        value produced

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