JMapFrame top-level componentΒΆ

JMapFrame packages up a JMapPane for a quick visual display. In GeoTools we often use this class to in our example code to show results.

  • Here is how to show a map:

    MapContent content = new MapContent();
    // add map layers here
    // Title will be used as the title for JMapFrame
    content.setTitle("The Map is Back");
    // Show the Map to the user
    JMapFrame.showMap( content );

    The resulting map is displayed in a simple frame.

  • Please note that when the user closes the JMapFrame the application will exit.

    To prevent this (say if you are using JMapFrame for debugging) please use the following:

    JMapFrame show = new JMapFrame( content );
    show.setDefaultCloseOperation( JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE );
  • Turning on additional tools

    By default JMapFrame only shows the JMapPane and is not very exciting.

    To turn additional features on:

    JMapFrame show = new JMapFrame( content );
    // list layers and set them as visible + selected
    show.enableLayerTable( true );
    // zoom in, zoom out, pan, show all
    show.enableToolBar( true );
    // location of cursor and bounds of current
    show.enableStatusBar( true );
    // display
    show.setVisible( true );

    Here is JMapFrame with toolbar, status bar and layer table.