The following material has been prepared by Justin Deolivera documenting the GTXML framework:

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XML Development FAQ

Frequently asked questions for binding developers.

  • Q: NullPointerException in createURIWithCache when parsing?

    When I try to parse a document, i get the following error:

        at org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI.createURIWithCache(
        at org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI.createURI(
        at org.eclipse.xsd.impl.XSDSchemaDirectiveImpl.resolve(
        at org.eclipse.xsd.impl.XSDImportImpl.importSchema(
        at org.eclipse.xsd.impl.XSDSchemaImpl.resolveSchema(
        at org.eclipse.xsd.impl.XSDSchemaImpl.resolveNamedComponent(

    What this means is that somewhere in your instance document, or in a schema it references, a relative URI cannot be resolved to an absolute location.

    Possible solutions:

    • Ensure that the getSchemaLocationResolver method has been implemented for the Configuration class of your schema. The Code Generator can be used to create a schema location resolver specific to your schema.

    • Ensure the Configuration class for your schema declares all the necessary dependencies.

  • Q: empty XML element when trying to encode my objects?

    When I try to encode an object ( for instance a polygon ), I get an empty XML element:

       <gml:Polygon /> <!-- Polygon isn't well generated  -->

    What this means is that the encoding for the element ( Polygon in this case ) has not yet been implemented. Please post the problem to the users list.