ArcGrid Plugin

The arcgrid module in the plugin group provides access to the ARC/INFO ASCII GRID raster format defined by ESRI and used in that company’s software suites.

This is a straightforward plugin with no additional information needed beyond that advertised by the GridCoverageExchange API.

Please note that this format is well suited to data exchange; especially when considered as a text file is is obviously not suited to high performance.

The arcgrid plugin supports:

  • Normal GridFormatFinder use:

    File f = new File("ArcGrid.asc");
    // Reading the coverage through a file
    AbstractGridFormat format = GridFormatFinder.findFormat( f );
    GridCoverage2DReader reader = format.getReader(f);
    GridCoverage2D gc =;

    This is the preferred approach as it allows your code to remain format independent.

  • Direct use for reading from a file:

    File f = new File"arcgrid/spearfish.asc.gz");
    GridCoverageReader reader = new ArcGridReader(f);
    GridCoverage2D gc = (GridCoverage2D);
  • Reading the gzipped coverage through an ImageInputStream:

    ImageInputStream iiStream = ImageIO.createImageInputStream(
           new GZIPInputStream(new FileInputStream(f)));
    GridCoverageReader reader = new ArcGridReader(iiStream,hints);
    GridCoverage2D gc = (GridCoverage2D);
  • Reading the gzipped coverage through an InputStream:

    GridCoverageReader reader = new ArcGridReader( new GZIPInputStream(
            new FileInputStream(f)),hints);
    GridCoverage2D gc = (GridCoverage2D);
  • Reading the gzipped coverage through a URL:

    GridCoverageReader reader = new ArcGridReader( f.toURI().toURL(),hints);
    GridCoverage2D gc = (GridCoverage2D);