Style Layer Descriptor

The StyleLayerDescriptor concept comes to us from the SLD specification. It is aimed at defining how a web map server can draw an entire map (with all the layers included in one gulp.)


Style Layer Descriptor API

The Style Layer Descriptor API defines an enter map, as a series of layers to display.


Since many of the elements referenced above assume we are operating inside a WMS this class is not used frequently during day to day use of the GeoTools library.

If your application allows user managed styles these interface allow names and titles to be recorded, along with the order in which layers are intended to be drawn.

Styling for a map is captured with three initial classes:

  • StyledLayerDescriptor representing the styling information for an entire map

  • NamedLayer defines FeatureTypeConstraints to test if the style is applicable to your data, and a list of Style

  • Style defines how features or Rasters are to be drawn