Q: What is “GeoAPI”?

The GeoAPI Implementation Specification was a Java standard (Interfaces and Classes) provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium for interoperability between Java projects and libraries.

This was similar to the SFSQL specification implemented by PostGIS, SQLServer and others for database interoperability when working with GIS information.

Q: Does GeoTools implement “GeoAPI”?

No we do not.

GeoTools worked on a pre-release of these interfaces in the hopes of collaborating with other projects. In GeoTools 2.7 these interfaces were folded back into the GeoTools gt-opengis module due to lack of collaboration opportunities and funding.

In GeoTools 30.0 we responded to a request from the Open GIS Consortium to drop the use of the org.opengis package left over from the pre-release of GeoAPI.

  • We have refactored all such content into org.geotools.api packages.

  • There is no remaining references to org.opengis packages in the GeoTools code base.

Please see update instructions for instructions on how to udpate, including a script to refactor your code base.