Interface ParamForPoint

    • Method Detail

      • getDistances

        Set<Number> getDistances()
        Returns the parameter distance computed by getParamForPoint(p). The output will contain only one distance, unless the curve is not simple. If there is more than one direct position on the generic curve at the same minimal distance from the passed "p", the return value may be an arbitrary choice of one of the possible answers.
        The parameter distance.
        GeoAPI 2.1
      • getDistance

        double getDistance()
        Returns the first value in the distances set.
        The parameter distance.
      • getPosition

        DirectPosition getPosition()
        Returns the actual value for the direct position used by getParamForPoint(p). That is, it shall be the point on the generic curve closest to the coordinate passed in as the "p" argument.
        The actual position used.