Interface Style

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    BasicLineStyle, BasicPolygonStyle, NamedStyleImpl, StyleImpl

    public interface Style
    extends Style
    Indicates how geographical content should be displayed (we call this a style for simplicity; in the spec it is called a UserStyle (user-defined style)).

    The details of this object are taken from the OGC Styled-Layer Descriptor Report (OGC 02-070) version 1.0.0.:

     <xsd:element name="UserStyle">
           A UserStyle allows user-defined styling and is semantically
           equivalent to a WMS named style.
           <xsd:element ref="sld:Name" minOccurs="0"/>
           <xsd:element ref="sld:Title" minOccurs="0"/>
           <xsd:element ref="sld:Abstract" minOccurs="0"/>
           <xsd:element ref="sld:IsDefault" minOccurs="0"/>
           <xsd:element ref="sld:FeatureTypeStyle" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
    James Macgill
    • Method Detail

      • setName

        void setName​(String name)
      • getDescription

        Description getDescription()
        Description for this style.
        Specified by:
        getDescription in interface Style
        Human readable description for use in user interfaces
      • setDefault

        void setDefault​(boolean isDefault)
        Indicates that this is the default style.

        Assume this is kept for GeoServer enabling a WMS to track which style is considered the default. May consider providing a clientProperties mechanism similar to Swing JComponent allowing applications to mark up the Style content for custom uses.

      • getDefaultSpecification

        Symbolizer getDefaultSpecification()
        This functionality is from an ISO specificaiton; and conflicts with the idea of an else rule presented by SLD.

        Implementations may choose to look up the first symbolizer of an elseFilter or allow this to be provided?

        Specified by:
        getDefaultSpecification in interface Style
        Symbolizer to use if no rules work out.
      • setDefaultSpecification

        void setDefaultSpecification​(Symbolizer defaultSymbolizer)
        defaultSymbolizer - To be used if a feature is not rendered by any of the rules
      • accept

        void accept​(StyleVisitor visitor)
        Used to navigate Style information during portrayal.
      • getBackground

        default Fill getBackground()
        The background Fill , if any, null otherwise
      • setBackground

        default void setBackground​(Fill background)
        Sets the background color. Might throw an UnsupportedOperationException.