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    public interface ChannelSelection
    extends ChannelSelection
    The ChannelSelection element specifies the false-color channel selection for a multi-spectral raster source (such as a multi-band satellite-imagery source). It is defined as:
     <xs:element name="ChannelSelection">
             <xs:element ref="sld:RedChannel"/>
             <xs:element ref="sld:GreenChannel"/>
             <xs:element ref="sld:BlueChannel"/>
           <xs:element ref="sld:GrayChannel"/>
     <xs:element name="RedChannel" type="sld:SelectedChannelType"/>
     <xs:element name="GreenChannel" type="sld:SelectedChannelType"/>
     <xs:element name="BlueChannel" type="sld:SelectedChannelType"/>
     <xs:element name="GrayChannel" type="sld:SelectedChannelType"/>
    Either a channel may be selected to display in each of red, green, and blue, or a single channel may be selected to display in grayscale. (The spelling ?gray? is used since it seems to be more common on the Web than ?grey? by a ratio of about 3:1.) Contrast enhancement may be applied to each channel in isolation. Channels are identified by a system and data-dependent character identifier. Commonly, channels will be labelled as ?1?, ?2?, etc.