Code Contribution License¶

GeoTools has adopted a formal policy as part of the process of joining the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

All new contributors will be required to grant copyright to the foundation using a Contributor Licenses:

  • individual_contributor (txt | pdf)

  • corporate_contributor (txt | pdf)

These licenses are directly derived from the Apache code contribution licenses (CLA V2.0 and CCLA v r190612).

  1. Contributors must print out a copy of the Contribution License document(s) and either sign it themselves or have their employer sign the document, depending on the circumstances governing when and where the Contributor develops the code. It is up to the Contributor to understand the legal status of the code which the Contributor produces.

  2. Scan the document and email to Once we have confirmation the document has been received we are in position to review and accept your work.

  3. Any questions should be addressed to the developers’ mailing list.

Signing a Contributor License is intended to serve several purposes such as shielding the contributor from a direct legal exposure to users of the code, enabling the Foundation to represent the interests of the GeoTools project in a legal forum, and enabling the GeoTools project to switch licenses when necessary.