Naming Conventions

Naming conventions is another one of those things that are fun to learn working with a new codebase. We tend to follow normal Java naming for things; we have had some fun with unicode variable names over the years so please be careful and think of others.

Naming Files and Directories

GeoTools makes use of the following naming conventions.

  • Directory


    Directory names shall be all lower case with no spaces.

  • Package


    Packages are all lower case with no spaces and should be located in org.geotools package

  • Interface


    GeoTools interfaces are usually located in the gt-api or gt-main modules. Interfaces should be called

  • Implementation


    Append the name of the interface being implemented

  • Default

    DefaultQuery, QueryImpl

    Default implementations should be called or

  • Abstract


    Abstract implementations should be called

  • Javadoc


    Javadoc makes use of doc-files directories in the package hierarchy to allow the inclusion of rich content in generated api documentation.

  • JUnit


    JUnit test cases make use of test-data directories in the package hierarchy

  • Test


    JUnit test, picked up by maven build process

  • online test


    JUnit test making use of line resource such as a web service

Some versions of windows do not distinguish between upper and lower case, and in unix, writing spaces in filenames is painful.


  • Keep in mind, test-data and doc-files do not follow the Java naming convention allowing them to be easily distinguished from normal code.

  • both Test and OnineTest are picked out by the maven build process for special treatment

Naming Conventions

We tend to follow normal java development naming conventions. Classes start with Capital letters and use CamelCase, variable start with a lower case letter and use camelCase, constants and enumerations are ALL_CAPITALS etc..

  • Interface


    Use camel case and start with a capital letter

  • Interface


    When defining an interface you often need a factory to handle construction

  • Class


    Use camel case and start with a capital letter. Try and end with the interface name

  • Class


    Used to quickly implement an interface when we expect only one implementation

  • Variable


    Start with lower case using camel case to separate words

  • Constant


    Use all capitals and an underscore to separate words. This applies to enumeration constants as well

Tools that can Help

Running these static analysis tools on your code will find all sorts of mistakes; in addition to checking that your names follow accepted practice.