Elasticsearch Plugin

Elasticsearch is a popular search and analytics engine.



Connection Parameters

Available data store connection parameters are summarized in the following table:

Parameter Description

Host (IP) for connecting to Elasticsearch. HTTP scheme and port can optionally be included to override the defaults. Multiple hosts can be provided. Examples:

elasticsearch_port Default HTTP port for connecting to Elasticsearch. Ignored if the hostname includes the port.
user Elasticsearch user. Must have superuser privilege on index.
passwd Elasticsearch user password
runas_geoserver_user Whether to submit requests on behalf of the authenticated GeoServer user
proxy_user Elasticsearch user for document queries. If not provided then admin user credentials are used for all requests.
proxy_passwd Elasticsearch proxy user password
index_name Index name or alias (wildcards supported)
reject_unauthorized Whether to validate the server certificate during the SSL handshake for https connections
default_max_features Default used when maxFeatures is unlimited
source_filtering_enabled Whether to enable filtering of the _source field
scroll_enabled Enable the Elasticsearch scan and scroll API
scroll_size Number of documents per shard when using the scroll API
scroll_time Search context timeout when using the scroll API
array_encoding Array encoding strategy. Allowed values are JSON (keep arrays) and CSV (keep first array element).
grid_size Hint for Geohash grid size (numRows*numCols)
grid_threshold Geohash grid aggregation precision will be the minimum necessary so that actual_grid_size/grid_size > grid_threshold

Example use:

Map map = new HashMap();
map.put(ElasticDataStoreFactory.HOSTNAME.key, "http://localhost:9200");
map.put(ElasticDataStoreFactory.INDEX_NAME.key, "status_s");