Interface PrimitiveBoundary

All Superinterfaces:
Boundary, Complex, Geometry, TransfiniteSet
All Known Subinterfaces:
CurveBoundary, SolidBoundary, SurfaceBoundary

public interface PrimitiveBoundary
extends Boundary

The boundary of primitive objects. This is the root for the various return types of the getBoundary() method for subtypes of Primitive. Since points have no boundary, no special subclass is needed for their boundary.

GeoAPI 1.0
Martin Desruisseaux (IRD)

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface Boundary
Methods inherited from interface Complex
getElements, getSubComplexes, getSuperComplexes, isMaximal
Methods inherited from interface Geometry
clone, distance, getBoundary, getBuffer, getCentroid, getClosure, getConvexHull, getCoordinateDimension, getCoordinateReferenceSystem, getDimension, getEnvelope, getMaximalComplex, getMbRegion, getPrecision, getRepresentativePoint, isMutable, isSimple, toImmutable, transform, transform
Methods inherited from interface TransfiniteSet
contains, contains, difference, equals, intersection, intersects, symmetricDifference, union

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