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org.geotools.xml.filter The package name does not map the prefix name because we feel that this is a better representation. 
org.geotools.xml.handlers Overview 
org.geotools.xml.handlers.xsi Overview 
org.geotools.xml.schema Schema Interfaces 

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Classes in that implement Type
 class ogcComplexType
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._FeatureInfoOutput
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._FeatureInfoSize
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._GetCapabilities
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._GetFeatureInfo
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._GetMap
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._Output
protected static class ogcComplexTypes._Size
protected static class ogcComplexTypes.VendorType
 class ogcSimpleType
protected static class ogcSimpleTypes.CapabilitiesSectionType
protected static class ogcSimpleTypes.ExceptionsType
protected static class ogcSimpleTypes.FormatType
protected static class ogcSimpleTypes.OWSType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes.__ExtendedCapabilitiesType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._AttributionType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._AuthorityURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._BLANKType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._BMPType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._BoundingBoxType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._CapabilityType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ContactAddressType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ContactInformationType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ContactPersonPrimaryType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._CW_WKBType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._DataURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._DCPTypeType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._DimensionType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._EX_GeographicBoundingBoxType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ExceptionType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ExtentType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._FeatureListURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._FormatType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GeoTIFFType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GetType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GIFType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GML_1Type
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GML_2Type
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._GML_3Type
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._HTTPType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._IdentifierType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._INIMAGEType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._JPEGType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._KeywordListType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._KeywordsType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._KeywordType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._LatLonBoundingBoxType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._LayerType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._LegendURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._LogoURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._MetadataURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._MIMEType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._OnlineResourceType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._PNGType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._PostType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._PPMType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._RequestType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ScaleHintType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ServiceException
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ServiceExceptionReport
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._ServiceType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._StyleSheetURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._StyleType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._StyleURLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._SVGType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._TIFFType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._UserDefinedSymbolizationType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._VendorSpecificCapabilitiesType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WBMPType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WebCGMType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WMS_CapabilitiesType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WMS_XMLType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WMT_MS_CapabilitiesType
protected static class WMSComplexTypes._WMTException
static class WMSDescribeLayerTypes._LayerDescription
static class WMSDescribeLayerTypes._Query
static class WMSDescribeLayerTypes.WMS_DescribeLayerResponse

Constructors in with parameters of type Type
ogcComplexType(java.lang.String name, ElementGrouping child, Attribute[] attrs, Element[] elems, Type parent, boolean _abstract, boolean mixed)
ogcElement(java.lang.String name, Type type, Element substitution)
ogcElement(java.lang.String name, Type type, Element substitution, int min, int max)

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.filter

Classes in org.geotools.xml.filter that implement Type
static class FilterComplexTypes.Arithmetic_OperatorsType
static class FilterComplexTypes.BinaryOperatorType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Comparison_OperatorsType
static class FilterComplexTypes.EmptyType
static class FilterComplexTypes.ExpressionType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Filter_CapabilitiesType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Function_NamesType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Function_NameType
static class FilterComplexTypes.FunctionsType
static class FilterComplexTypes.FunctionType
static class FilterComplexTypes.LiteralType
static class FilterComplexTypes.PropertyNameType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Scalar_CapabilitiesType
static class FilterComplexTypes.ServiceExceptionReportType
static class FilterComplexTypes.ServiceExceptionType
static class FilterComplexTypes.SortByType
          This is a Filter 1.0.20 filter element.
static class FilterComplexTypes.SortOrderType
          also from the 1.0.20 version, and excluded from the Schema object
static class FilterComplexTypes.Spatial_CapabilitiesType
static class FilterComplexTypes.Spatial_OperatorsType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.BBOXType
          The element is defined as a convenient and more compact way of encoding the very common bounding box constraint based on the gml:Box geometry.
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinaryComparisonOpType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinaryLogicOpType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinarySpatialOpType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.ComparisonOpsType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.DistanceBufferType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.DistanceType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.FeatureIdType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.FilterType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.LogicOpsType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.LowerBoundaryType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsBetweenType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsLikeType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsNullType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.SpatialOpsType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.UnaryLogicOpType
static class FilterOpsComplexTypes.UpperBoundaryType

Methods in org.geotools.xml.filter that return Type
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinaryComparisonOpType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsLikeType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsNullType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.PropertyIsBetweenType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinarySpatialOpType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.BBOXType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.DistanceBufferType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.BinaryLogicOpType.getParent()
 Type FilterOpsComplexTypes.UnaryLogicOpType.getParent()
 Type FilterComplexTypes.Function_NameType.getParent()
 Type FilterComplexTypes.BinaryOperatorType.getParent()
 Type FilterComplexTypes.FunctionType.getParent()
 Type FilterComplexTypes.LiteralType.getParent()
 Type FilterComplexTypes.PropertyNameType.getParent()
 Type FilterSchema.FilterElement.getType()

Constructors in org.geotools.xml.filter with parameters of type Type
FilterSchema.FilterElement(java.lang.String name, Type type)
FilterSchema.FilterElement(java.lang.String name, Type type, Element substitutionGroup)

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.gml

Classes in org.geotools.xml.gml that implement Type
static class GMLComplexTypes.AbstractFeatureCollectionsBaseType
           This class represents an AbstractFeatureCollectionsBaseType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.AbstractFeatureCollectionType
           This class represents an AbstractFeatureCollectionType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.AbstractFeatureType
           This class represents an AbstractFeatureType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.AbstractGeometryCollectionBaseType
           This class represents an AbstractGeometryCollectionBaseType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.AbstractGeometryType
           This class represents an AbstractGeometryType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.BoundingShapeType
           This class represents an BoundingShapeType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.BoxType
           This class represents an BoxType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.CoordinatesType
           This class represents an CoordinatesType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.CoordType
           This class represents an CoordType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.FeatureAssociationType
           This class represents an FeatureAssociationType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.GeometryAssociationType
           This class represents an GeometryAssociationType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.GeometryCollectionType
           This class represents an GeometryCollectionType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.GeometryPropertyType
           This class represents an GeometryPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.LinearRingMemberType
           This class represents an LinearRingMemberType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.LinearRingType
           This class represents an LinearRingType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.LineStringMemberType
           This class represents an LineStringMemberType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.LineStringPropertyType
           This class represents an LineStringPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.LineStringType
           This class represents an LineStringType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiGeometryPropertyType
           This class represents an MultiGeometryPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiLineStringPropertyType
           This class represents an MultiLineStringPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiLineStringType
           This class represents an MultiLineStringType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiPointPropertyType
           This class represents an MultiPointPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiPointType
           This class represents an MultiPointType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiPolygonPropertyType
           This class represents an MultiPolygonPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.MultiPolygonType
           This class represents an MultiPolygonType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PointMemberType
           This class represents an PointMemberType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PointPropertyType
           This class represents an PointPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PointType
           This class represents an PointType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PolygonMemberType
           This class represents an PolygonMemberType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PolygonPropertyType
           This class represents an PolygonPropertyType within the GML Schema.
static class GMLComplexTypes.PolygonType
           This class represents an PolygonType within the GML Schema.

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.handlers

Methods in org.geotools.xml.handlers with parameters of type Type
static Element XMLTypeHelper.findChildElement(Type type, java.lang.String localName, namespaceURI)

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.handlers.xsi

Methods in org.geotools.xml.handlers.xsi that return Type
protected  Type SchemaHandler.lookUpType(java.lang.String qname)
           convinience method for package

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.schema

Subinterfaces of Type in org.geotools.xml.schema
 interface ComplexType
           This interface is intended to represent an XML Schema complexType.
 interface SimpleType
           This interface is intended to represent an XML Schema simple type.

Methods in org.geotools.xml.schema that return Type
 Type ComplexType.getParent()
           This is used to represent the heirarchy represented within an xml schema document(s).
 Type Element.getType()
           Returns the declared type for this Element in the given Schema.

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.schema.impl

Classes in org.geotools.xml.schema.impl that implement Type
 class ComplexTypeGT
          Provides ...TODO summary sentence
 class SimpleTypeGT
           DOCUMENT ME!

Methods in org.geotools.xml.schema.impl that return Type
 Type ComplexTypeGT.getParent()
          TODO summary sentence for getParent ...
 Type ElementGT.getType()
          TODO summary sentence for getType ...

Constructors in org.geotools.xml.schema.impl with parameters of type Type
ComplexTypeGT(java.lang.String id, java.lang.String name, namespace, ElementGrouping child, Attribute[] attrs, Element[] elems, boolean mixed, Type parent, boolean _abstract, boolean derived, java.lang.String anyAttributeNS)
          Construct ComplexTypeGT.
ElementGT(java.lang.String id, java.lang.String name, namespace, Type type, int min, int max, boolean nillable, Element substitutionGroup, boolean _abstract)
          Construct ElementGT.

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.styling

Classes in org.geotools.xml.styling that implement Type
 class sldComplexType
protected static class sldSimpleTypes._Service

Methods in org.geotools.xml.styling that return Type
 Type sldSchema.getSLDType()

Constructors in org.geotools.xml.styling with parameters of type Type
sldComplexType(java.lang.String name, ElementGrouping child, Attribute[] attrs, Element[] elems, Type parent, boolean _abstract, boolean mixed)
sldElement(java.lang.String name, Type type, Element substitution)
sldElement(java.lang.String name, Type type, Element substitution, int min, int max)

Uses of Type in org.geotools.xml.xsi

Classes in org.geotools.xml.xsi that implement Type
static class XSISimpleTypes.AnyType
static class XSISimpleTypes.AnyURI
           XSI Schema instance of AnyURI
static class XSISimpleTypes.Base64Binary
           XSI Schema instance of Base64Binary
static class XSISimpleTypes.Boolean
           XSI Schema instance of Boolean
static class XSISimpleTypes.Byte
           XSI Schema instance of Byte
static class XSISimpleTypes.Date
           XSI Schema instance of Date
static class XSISimpleTypes.DateTime
           XSI Schema instance of DateTime
static class XSISimpleTypes.Decimal
           XSI Schema instance of Decimal
static class XSISimpleTypes.Double
           XSI Schema instance of Double
static class XSISimpleTypes.Duration
           XSI Schema instance of Duration
static class XSISimpleTypes.ENTITIES
           XSI Schema instance of ENTITIES
static class XSISimpleTypes.ENTITY
           XSI Schema instance of ENTITY
static class XSISimpleTypes.Float
           XSI Schema instance of Float
static class XSISimpleTypes.gDay
           XSI Schema instance of gDay
static class XSISimpleTypes.gMonth
           XSI Schema instance of gMonth
static class XSISimpleTypes.gMonthDay
           XSI Schema instance of gMonthDay
static class XSISimpleTypes.gYear
           XSI Schema instance of gYear
static class XSISimpleTypes.gYearMonth
           XSI Schema instance of gYearMonth
static class XSISimpleTypes.HexBinary
           XSI Schema instance of HexBinary
static class XSISimpleTypes.ID
           XSI Schema instance of ID
static class XSISimpleTypes.IDREF
           XSI Schema instance of IDREF
static class XSISimpleTypes.IDREFS
           XSI Schema instance of IDREFS
static class XSISimpleTypes.Int
           XSI Schema instance of Int
static class XSISimpleTypes.Integer
           XSI Schema Integer
static class XSISimpleTypes.Language
           XSI Schema instance of Language
static class XSISimpleTypes.Long
           XSI Schema instance of Long
static class XSISimpleTypes.Name
           XSI Schema instance of Name
static class XSISimpleTypes.NCName
           XSI Schema instance of NCNAME
static class XSISimpleTypes.NegativeInteger
           XSI Schema instance of NegativeInteger
static class XSISimpleTypes.NMTOKEN
           XSI Schema instance of NMTOKEN
static class XSISimpleTypes.NMTOKENS
           XSI Schema instance of NMTOKENS
static class XSISimpleTypes.NonNegativeInteger
           XSI Schema instance of NonNegativeInteger
static class XSISimpleTypes.NonPositiveInteger
           XSI Schema instance of NonPositiveInteger
static class XSISimpleTypes.NormalizedString
           XSI Schema instance of NormalizedString
static class XSISimpleTypes.NOTATION
           XSI Schema instance of NOTATION
static class XSISimpleTypes.PositiveInteger
           XSI Schema instance of PositiveInteger
static class XSISimpleTypes.QName
           XSI Schema instance of QName
static class XSISimpleTypes.Short
           XSI Schema instance of Short
static class XSISimpleTypes.String
           XSI Schema instance of String
static class XSISimpleTypes.Time
           XSI Schema instance of Time
static class XSISimpleTypes.Token
           XSI Schema instance of Token
static class XSISimpleTypes.UnsignedByte
           XSI Schema instance of UnsignedByte
static class XSISimpleTypes.UnsignedInt
           XSI Schema instance of UnsignedInt
static class XSISimpleTypes.UnsignedLong
           XSI Schema instance of UnsignedLong
static class XSISimpleTypes.UnsignedShort
           XSI Schema instance of UnsignedShort
protected static class XSISimpleTypes.XSISimpleType
           A generic implementation of a SimpleType for use by the xsi Schema.

Methods in org.geotools.xml.xsi that return Type
 Type XSISimpleTypes.XSISimpleType.getParent()

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