Uses of Class

Packages that use PlugInDTO
org.geotools.validation.dto Data Transfer Objects for use with the ValidationProcessor. 
org.geotools.validation.xml This package contains the functionality required to read and write XML versions of the org.geotools.validation.dto classes. 

Uses of PlugInDTO in org.geotools.validation.dto

Methods in org.geotools.validation.dto that return PlugInDTO
 PlugInDTO TestDTO.getPlugIn()
          Access plugIn property.

Methods in org.geotools.validation.dto with parameters of type PlugInDTO
 void TestDTO.setPlugIn(PlugInDTO plugIn)
          Set plugIn to plugIn.

Constructors in org.geotools.validation.dto with parameters of type PlugInDTO
PlugInDTO(PlugInDTO pi)
          PlugInDTO constructor.

Uses of PlugInDTO in org.geotools.validation.xml

Methods in org.geotools.validation.xml that return PlugInDTO
static PlugInDTO XMLReader.readPlugIn(Reader inputSource)
          readPlugIn purpose.

Methods in org.geotools.validation.xml with parameters of type PlugInDTO
static void XMLWriter.writePlugIn(PlugInDTO dto, Writer w)

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