Package org.geotools.renderer.lite

A simple renderer implementation.


Interface Summary
LabelCache Used to cache labels prior to their being drawn on the screen.

Class Summary
BatikXMLReader A wrapper that forwards any request to the default JAXP xml reader.
DashedShape A shape wrapper that generates a stroked version of the shape without actually holding it all in memory (it is streamed through the path iterator)
GraphicsAwareDpiRescaleStyleVisitor This class extends DpiRescaleStyleVisitor to add support for rescaling external graphics and marks whose size has not been explicitly set.
IndexedFeatureResults IndexedFeatureReader
ListenerList Deprecated. Use CopyOnWriteArrayList instead, it's part of the JDK and it's more efficient
LiteFeatureTypeStyle This is a simple class that contains the information needed to render a layer.
MetaBufferEstimator Parses a style or part of it and returns the size of the largest stroke and the biggest point symbolizer whose width is specified with a literal expression.
Also provides an indication whether the stroke width is accurate, or if a non literal width has been found.
OpacityFinder Searches for translucent symbolizers
RendererUtilities Class for holding utility functions that are common tasks for people using the "StreamingRenderer/Renderer".
StreamingRenderer A streaming implementation of the GTRenderer interface.
StyledShapePainter A simple class that knows how to paint a Shape object onto a Graphic given a Style2D.
SynchronizedLabelCache Allow multiple thread to modify LabelCache.

Package org.geotools.renderer.lite Description

A simple renderer implementation. It's supposed to be as simple as possible, thus easy to understand at the source level, and to use as few memory as possible. Should be used when memory is a constraint and/or when the rendering is stateless (that is, the application is not an interactive viewer that displays the same map more than once). In the latter case, a renderer that uses more memory but avoids recomputing map rendering details is to be preferred.

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