Class UnnamedExtension

  extended by AbstractFactory
      extended by ReferencingFactory
          extended by AbstractAuthorityFactory
              extended by BufferedAuthorityFactory
                  extended by DeferredAuthorityFactory
                      extended by FactoryUsingWKT
                          extended by UnnamedExtension
All Implemented Interfaces:
RegisterableService, BufferedFactory, Factory, OptionalFactory, AuthorityFactory, CRSAuthorityFactory

public class UnnamedExtension
extends FactoryUsingWKT

Provides common Coordinate Reference Systems not found in the standard EPSG database. Those CRS will be registered in "EPSG" name space.

Andrea Aime

Field Summary
static String FILENAME
          The default filename to read.
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Constructor Summary
          Constructs an authority factory using the default set of factories.
UnnamedExtension(Hints hints)
          Constructs an authority factory using a set of factories created from the specified hints.
Method Summary
protected  URL getDefinitionsURL()
          Returns the URL to the property file that contains CRS definitions.
static void main(String[] args)
          Prints a list of codes that duplicate the ones provided in the DefaultFactory.
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Field Detail


public static final String FILENAME
The default filename to read. This file will be searched in the org/geotools/referencing/factory/espg directory in the classpath or in a JAR file.

See Also:
getDefinitionsURL(), Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public UnnamedExtension()
Constructs an authority factory using the default set of factories.


public UnnamedExtension(Hints hints)
Constructs an authority factory using a set of factories created from the specified hints. This constructor recognizes the CRS, CS, DATUM and MATH_TRANSFORM FACTORY hints.

Method Detail


protected URL getDefinitionsURL()
Returns the URL to the property file that contains CRS definitions. The default implementation returns the URL to the "" file.

getDefinitionsURL in class FactoryUsingWKT
The URL, or null if none.


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws FactoryException
Prints a list of codes that duplicate the ones provided in the DefaultFactory. The factory tested is the one registered in ReferencingFactoryFinder. By default, this is this UnnamedExtension class backed by the "" property file. This method can be invoked from the command line in order to check the content of the property file. Valid arguments are:

-testTry to instantiate all CRS and reports any failure to do so.
-duplicatedList all codes from the WKT factory that are duplicating a code from the SQL factory.

args - Command line arguments.
FactoryException - if an error occured.

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