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org.geotools.referencing.cs Coordinate systems implementation. 

Uses of AbstractCS in org.geotools.referencing.cs

Subclasses of AbstractCS in org.geotools.referencing.cs
 class DefaultAffineCS
          A two- or three-dimensional coordinate system with straight axes that are not necessarily orthogonal.
 class DefaultCartesianCS
          A 1-, 2-, or 3-dimensional coordinate system.
 class DefaultCompoundCS
          A coordinate system made of two or more independent coordinate systems.
 class DefaultCylindricalCS
          A three-dimensional coordinate system consisting of a polar coordinate system extended by a straight coordinate axis perpendicular to the plane spanned by the polar coordinate system.
 class DefaultEllipsoidalCS
          A two- or three-dimensional coordinate system in which position is specified by geodetic latitude, geodetic longitude, and (in the three-dimensional case) ellipsoidal height.
 class DefaultLinearCS
          A one-dimensional coordinate system that consists of the points that lie on the single axis described.
 class DefaultPolarCS
          A two-dimensional coordinate system in which position is specified by the distance from the origin and the angle between the line from the origin to a point and a reference direction.
 class DefaultSphericalCS
          A three-dimensional coordinate system with one distance measured from the origin and two angular coordinates.
 class DefaultTimeCS
          A one-dimensional coordinate system containing a single time axis, used to describe the temporal position of a point in the specified time units from a specified time origin.
 class DefaultUserDefinedCS
          A two- or three-dimensional coordinate system that consists of any combination of coordinate axes not covered by any other Coordinate System type.
 class DefaultVerticalCS
          A one-dimensional coordinate system used to record the heights (or depths) of points.

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