Package org.geotools.metadata

Root package for various metadata implementations.


Class Summary
AbstractMetadata Base class for metadata implementations.
MetadataStandard Enumeration of some metadata standards.
ModifiableMetadata Base class for metadata that may (or may not) be modifiable.

Exception Summary
InvalidMetadataException Thrown when a metadata entity is in a invalid state, usually because a mandatory attribute is missing.
UnmodifiableMetadataException Thrown when a setter method is invoked on a metadata entity, but this entity was declared unmodifiable.

Package org.geotools.metadata Description

Root package for various metadata implementations. This root package is not linked to any particular metadata standard. It assumes that a standard is defined through a set of Java interfaces (for example org.opengis.metadata) and uses reflection for performing basic operations like comparaisons and copies.

Possible metadata implementations (already available or planed in a future Geotools version) are:

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