Uses of Interface

Packages that use GraphWalker

Uses of GraphWalker in org.geotools.graph.path

Classes in org.geotools.graph.path that implement GraphWalker
 class AStarShortestPathFinder
          Calculates the shortest path between two nodes using the A Star algorithm (for details see
 class DijkstraShortestPathFinder
          Calculates node paths in a graph using Dijkstra's Shortest Path Algorithm.

Uses of GraphWalker in org.geotools.graph.traverse

Methods in org.geotools.graph.traverse that return GraphWalker
 GraphWalker GraphTraversal.getWalker()
          Returns the walker (visitor) traversing the graph of the graph.

Methods in org.geotools.graph.traverse with parameters of type GraphWalker
 void GraphTraversal.setWalker(GraphWalker walker)
          Sets the walker (visitor) traversing the graph.

Uses of GraphWalker in org.geotools.graph.traverse.basic

Classes in org.geotools.graph.traverse.basic that implement GraphWalker
 class CountingWalker
          An implementation of GraphWalker that counts the number of components visited.
 class DummyGraphWalker
          A simple implementation of GraphWalker that does nothing but signal a graph traversal to continue.
 class SimpleGraphWalker
          A simple implementation of GraphWalker that decorates a GraphVisitor.

Methods in org.geotools.graph.traverse.basic that return GraphWalker
 GraphWalker BasicGraphTraversal.getWalker()
 GraphWalker AbstractGraphIterator.getWalker()
          Returns the walker being traversed over the graph.

Methods in org.geotools.graph.traverse.basic with parameters of type GraphWalker
 void BasicGraphTraversal.setWalker(GraphWalker walker)

Constructors in org.geotools.graph.traverse.basic with parameters of type GraphWalker
BasicGraphTraversal(Graph graph, GraphWalker walker, GraphIterator iterator)
          Constructs a new graph traversal.
StagedGraphTraversal(Graph graph, GraphWalker walker, GraphIterator iterator)

Uses of GraphWalker in org.geotools.graph.util.graph

Classes in org.geotools.graph.util.graph that implement GraphWalker
 class CycleDetector
          Detects cycles in a graph.
 class DirectedCycleDetector
          Detects cycles in a directed graph.
 class GraphPartitioner
          Creates a collection of connected graphs from a single graph.

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