Interface GMLHandlerJTS

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All Known Implementing Classes:
FilterFilter, GMLFilterFeature, TestHandler

public interface GMLHandlerJTS
extends ContentHandler

LEVEL3 saxGML4j GML handler: Gets JTS objects.

This handler must be implemented by the parent of a GMLFilterGeometry filter in order to handle the JTS objects passed to it from the child.

Rob Hranac, Vision for New York

Method Summary
 void geometry(Geometry geometry)
          Receives OGC simple feature type geometry from parent.
Methods inherited from interface ContentHandler
characters, endDocument, endElement, endPrefixMapping, ignorableWhitespace, processingInstruction, setDocumentLocator, skippedEntity, startDocument, startElement, startPrefixMapping

Method Detail


void geometry(Geometry geometry)
Receives OGC simple feature type geometry from parent.

geometry - the simple feature geometry

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