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Packages that use GeneralDirectPosition
org.geotools.coverage Coverage implementation. 
org.geotools.geometry org.geotools.geometry.Geometry implementation. 

Uses of GeneralDirectPosition in org.geotools.coverage

Fields in org.geotools.coverage declared as GeneralDirectPosition
protected  GeneralDirectPosition AbstractCoverage.Renderable.coordinate
          A coordinate point where to evaluate the function.

Uses of GeneralDirectPosition in org.geotools.geometry

Subclasses of GeneralDirectPosition in org.geotools.geometry
 class TransformedDirectPosition
          A direct position capable to transform a point between an arbitrary CRS and its own CRS.

Methods in org.geotools.geometry that return GeneralDirectPosition
 GeneralDirectPosition GeneralDirectPosition.clone()
          Returns a deep copy of this position.

Methods in org.geotools.geometry with parameters of type GeneralDirectPosition
 void GeneralDirectPosition.setLocation(GeneralDirectPosition position)
          Set this coordinate to the specified direct position.

Constructors in org.geotools.geometry with parameters of type GeneralDirectPosition
GeneralEnvelope(GeneralDirectPosition minDP, GeneralDirectPosition maxDP)
          Constructs a envelope defined by two positions.

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