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Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.brewer.color

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.brewer.color
 class PaletteFunction

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter
 class AreaFunction
          Area of provided geometry.
 class AsMultiGeometryFunctionExpression
          Function which wraps an instance of geometry in its associatd multi geometry type.
 class AttributeExpressionImpl
          Defines a complex filter (could also be called logical filter).
 class AttributeExpressionImpl2
          Defines a complex filter (could also be called logical filter).
 class BBoxExpressionImpl
          Implements a Bounding Box expression.
 class FallbackFunction
          A placeholder class used to track a function the user requested that is not supported by our java implementation.
 class FunctionExpressionImpl
          Abstract class for a function expression implementation
 class IDFunctionExpression
 class LengthFunction
          Takes an AttributeExpression, and computes the length of the data for the attribute.
 class LiteralExpressionImpl
          Defines an expression that holds a literal for return.
 class MapScaleDenominatorImpl
          This class is actualy a place holder.
 class MathExpressionImpl
          Holds a mathematical relationship between two expressions.
 class MaxFunction
          Deprecated. - use org.geotools.filter.function.math.MaxFunction instead
 class MinFunction
          Deprecated. - use org.geotools.filter.function.math.MinFunction instead
 class NestedAttributeExpression
          This class represents a list of expressions broken up from a single XPath expression that is nested in more than one feature.

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.expression

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.expression
 class AddImpl
          Implementation of Add expression.
 class DivideImpl
          Implementation of divide expression.
 class MultiplyImpl
          Implementation of Multiply expression.
 class SubtractImpl
          Implementation of Subtract expression.

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.function

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.function
 class ClassificationFunction
          Parent for classifiers which break a feature collection into the specified number of classes.
 class ClassifyFunction
 class Collection_AverageFunction
          Calculates the average value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_BoundsFunction
          Calculates the bounds of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_CountFunction
          Calculates the count value of an attribute for a given SimpleFeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_MaxFunction
          Calculates the maximum value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_MedianFunction
          Calculates the median value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_MinFunction
          Calculates the minimum value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_SumFunction
          Calculates the sum value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class Collection_UniqueFunction
          Calculates the unique value of an attribute for a given FeatureCollection and Expression.
 class EnvFunction
          Provides a lookup table of named variables allowing externally defined values to be access within a SLD document.
 class EqualIntervalFunction
          Classification function for breaking a feature collection into edible chunks of "equal" size.
 class FilterFunction_area
 class FilterFunction_between
 class FilterFunction_boundary
 class FilterFunction_boundaryDimension
 class FilterFunction_buffer
 class FilterFunction_bufferWithSegments
 class FilterFunction_centroid
 class FilterFunction_contains
 class FilterFunction_Convert
          Applies the available Converter to turn the value into the desired target class
 class FilterFunction_convexHull
 class FilterFunction_crosses
 class FilterFunction_dateFormat
          Formats a date into a string given a certain pattern (specified in the format accepted by SimpleDateFormat}
 class FilterFunction_dateParse
          Parses a date from a string given a certain pattern (specified in the format accepted by SimpleDateFormat}
 class FilterFunction_difference
 class FilterFunction_dimension
 class FilterFunction_disjoint
 class FilterFunction_disjoint3D
 class FilterFunction_distance
 class FilterFunction_distance3D
 class FilterFunction_double2bool
 class FilterFunction_endAngle
 class FilterFunction_endPoint
 class FilterFunction_envelope
 class FilterFunction_equalsExact
 class FilterFunction_equalsExactTolerance
 class FilterFunction_equalTo
 class FilterFunction_exteriorRing
 class FilterFunction_geometryType
 class FilterFunction_geomFromWKT
 class FilterFunction_geomLength
 class FilterFunction_getGeometryN
 class FilterFunction_getX
 class FilterFunction_getY
 class FilterFunction_getZ
 class FilterFunction_greaterEqualThan
 class FilterFunction_greaterThan
 class FilterFunction_if_then_else
 class FilterFunction_in10
 class FilterFunction_in2
 class FilterFunction_in3
 class FilterFunction_in4
 class FilterFunction_in5
 class FilterFunction_in6
 class FilterFunction_in7
 class FilterFunction_in8
 class FilterFunction_in9
 class FilterFunction_int2bbool
 class FilterFunction_int2ddouble
 class FilterFunction_interiorPoint
 class FilterFunction_interiorRingN
 class FilterFunction_intersection
 class FilterFunction_intersects
 class FilterFunction_intersects3D
 class FilterFunction_isClosed
 class FilterFunction_isEmpty
 class FilterFunction_isLike
 class FilterFunction_isNull
 class FilterFunction_isometric
 class FilterFunction_isRing
 class FilterFunction_isSimple
 class FilterFunction_isValid
 class FilterFunction_isWithinDistance
 class FilterFunction_isWithinDistance3D
 class FilterFunction_lessEqualThan
 class FilterFunction_lessThan
 class FilterFunction_list
          A simple function that creates a list of values of any number of arguments
 class FilterFunction_minimumCircle
          A FilterFunction that expects a Geometry and returns it's minimum bounding circle.
 class FilterFunction_minimumDiameter
          A FilterFunction that expects a Geometry and returns it's minimum diameter.
 class FilterFunction_minimumRectangle
          A FilterFunction that expects a Geometry and returns it's minimum rectangle.
 class FilterFunction_not
 class FilterFunction_notEqualTo
 class FilterFunction_numberFormat
          Formats a number into a string given a certain pattern (specified in the format accepted by DecimalFormat}
 class FilterFunction_numberFormat2
          Formats a number into a string given a certain pattern (specified in the format accepted by DecimalFormat} This function expands on FilterFunction_numberFormat and adds some additonal parameters such as allowing the user to explicitly specify the decimal and group separators, rather than falling back on locale based defaults.
 class FilterFunction_numGeometries
 class FilterFunction_numInteriorRing
 class FilterFunction_numPoints
 class FilterFunction_octagonalEnvelope
          A FilterFunction that expects a Geometry and returns it's octagonal envelope.
 class FilterFunction_offset
 class FilterFunction_overlaps
 class FilterFunction_parseBoolean
 class FilterFunction_parseDouble
 class FilterFunction_parseInt
 class FilterFunction_parseLong
 class FilterFunction_pointN
 class FilterFunction_property
          Extracts a property from a feature, taking the property name as a parameter
 class FilterFunction_relate
 class FilterFunction_relatePattern
 class FilterFunction_roundDouble
 class FilterFunction_sdonn
          Oracle function SDO_NN to identify the nearest neighbors for a geometry
 class FilterFunction_setCRS
 class FilterFunction_startAngle
 class FilterFunction_startPoint
 class FilterFunction_strCapitalize
 class FilterFunction_strConcat
 class FilterFunction_strEndsWith
 class FilterFunction_strEqualsIgnoreCase
 class FilterFunction_strIndexOf
 class FilterFunction_strLastIndexOf
 class FilterFunction_strLength
 class FilterFunction_strMatches
 class FilterFunction_strPosition
          Filter function implementing the Symbology Encoding "StringPosition" function.
 class FilterFunction_strReplace
 class FilterFunction_strStartsWith
 class FilterFunction_strSubstring
 class FilterFunction_strSubstringStart
 class FilterFunction_strToLowerCase
 class FilterFunction_strToUpperCase
 class FilterFunction_strTrim
 class FilterFunction_strTrim2
          Function implementing the Symbology Encoding Trim function.
 class FilterFunction_symDifference
 class FilterFunction_touches
 class FilterFunction_toWKT
 class FilterFunction_union
 class FilterFunction_vertices
 class FilterFunction_within
 class IDFunction
          Allow access to the value of Feature.getID() as an expression
 class JenksNaturalBreaksFunction
          Calculate the Jenks' Natural Breaks classification for a featurecollection
 class PropertyExistsFunction
          A new function to check if a property exists.
 class QuantileFunction
          Breaks a SimpleFeatureCollection into classes with an equal number of items in each.
 class StandardDeviationFunction
          Breaks a SimpleFeatureCollection into classes using the standard deviation classification method.
 class UniqueIntervalFunction
          Clone of EqualIntervalFunction for unique values

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.function.math

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.filter.function.math
 class FilterFunction_abs
 class FilterFunction_abs_2
 class FilterFunction_abs_3
 class FilterFunction_abs_4
 class FilterFunction_acos
 class FilterFunction_asin
 class FilterFunction_atan
 class FilterFunction_atan2
 class FilterFunction_ceil
 class FilterFunction_cos
 class FilterFunction_exp
 class FilterFunction_floor
 class FilterFunction_IEEEremainder
 class FilterFunction_log
 class FilterFunction_max
 class FilterFunction_max_2
 class FilterFunction_max_3
 class FilterFunction_max_4
 class FilterFunction_min
 class FilterFunction_min_2
 class FilterFunction_min_3
 class FilterFunction_min_4
 class FilterFunction_pow
 class FilterFunction_random
 class FilterFunction_rint
 class FilterFunction_round
 class FilterFunction_round_2
 class FilterFunction_sin
 class FilterFunction_sqrt
 class FilterFunction_tan
 class FilterFunction_toDegrees
 class FilterFunction_toRadians
 class PiFunction
          Allow access to the value of Math.PI as an expression

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.jdbc

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.jdbc
 class JoinPropertyName
          Property name that knows what feature type it comes from.

Uses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.styling.visitor

Subclasses of DefaultExpression in org.geotools.styling.visitor
 class RescaleToPixelsFunction
          Applies unit to pixel rescaling around expressions whose native unit cannot be determined in a static fashion

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