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Uses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.feature.simple

Subclasses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.feature.simple
 class SimpleFeatureTypeImpl
          Implementation fo SimpleFeatureType, subtypes must be atomic and are stored in a list.

Uses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.feature.type

Subclasses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.feature.type
 class AssociationTypeImpl
 class AttributeTypeImpl
          Base class for attribute types.
 class ComplexFeatureTypeImpl
          This is a specialization of complex feature type that can be nested inside another feature type.
 class ComplexTypeImpl
          Base class for complex types.
 class FeatureTypeImpl
          Base implementation of FeatureType.
 class GeometryTypeImpl
          AttributeType for hold geometry implementations, maintains CRS information.
 class UniqueNameFeatureTypeImpl
          A specialisation of FeatureTypeImpl that avoids equality tests on feature types with cyclic definitions by considering features types to be equal if and only if their names are equal.

Uses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.xml.gml

Subclasses of PropertyTypeImpl in org.geotools.xml.gml
 class ChoiceGeometryTypeImpl
          Created for GML generated FeatureTypes.

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