Package org.geotools.feature

Interface Summary
CollectionListener Deprecated. Use FeatureListener
FeatureCollection<T extends FeatureType,F extends Feature> Collection of features, often handled as a result set.
FeatureCollectionIteration.Handler A callback handler for the iteration of the contents of a FeatureCollection.
FeatureFactory An interface for the construction of Features.
FeatureIndex An Index is built up around a FeatureCollection, using one of the attributes in the SimpleFeatureCollection as a comparable reference.
FeatureIterator<F extends Feature> Streaming access to features, required to FeatureIterator.close() after use.

Class Summary
AbstractFeatureFactoryImpl Factory for creating instances of the Attribute family of classes.
AppSchemaAttributeBuilder Builder for attributes.
AppSchemaFeatureFactoryImpl FeatureFactory that: does not choke on null ids constructs containers for complex attributes with null values
AttributeBuilder Builder for attributes.
AttributeImpl Simple, mutable class to store attributes.
AttributeTypeBuilder Builder for attribute types and descriptors.
CollectionEvent Deprecated. Use FeatureEvent
ComplexFeatureBuilder The complex feature builder allows the construction of features by progressively appending their components and deferring the construction till you're ready.
DecoratingFeature Base class for feature decorators.
DefaultFeatureCollection A basic implementation of SimpleFeatureCollection which use a TreeMap for its internal storage.
DefaultFeatureCollections Concrete extension to FeatureCollections to create DefaultFeatureCollections.
FeatureBuilder<FT extends FeatureType,F extends Feature> This class provides some common functionality for builders and defines an abstraction for Feature builders' public interfaces.
FeatureCollectionIteration The FeatureCollectionIteration provides a depth first traversal of a SimpleFeatureCollection which will call the provided call-back Handler.
FeatureCollections Deprecated. Use DefaultFeatureCollection
FeatureComparators A utility class for creating simple Comparators for Features.
FeatureComparators.Index A Comparator which performs the comparison on attributes at a given index.
FeatureComparators.Name A Comparator which performs the comparison on attributes with a given name.
FeatureImpl Temptative implementation of Feature.
FeatureImplUtils Utility class used by feature model implementation.
FeatureReaderIterator<F extends Feature> An iterator that wraps around a FeatureReader.
FeatureTypes Utility methods for working against the FeatureType interface.
GeometryAttributeImpl TODO: rename to GeometricAttribute Provides ...TODO summary sentence TODO Description Example Use: GeometryAttributeType x = new GeometryAttributeType( ... ); TODO code example
NameImpl Simple implementation of Name.
PropertyImpl Implementation of Property.
Schema Deprecated. This helper class was for the old feature model; please use FeatureTypes
TypeBuilder Makes building types easier by maintaining state.
Types This is a set of utility methods used when implementing types.
ValidatingFeatureFactoryImpl Factory for creating instances of the Attribute family of classes.

Exception Summary
IllegalAttributeException Deprecated. Please use org.opengis.feature.IllegalAttributeException
SchemaException Indicates client class has attempted to create an invalid schema.

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