Interface Summary
DimensionDescriptor Describes a "dimension" exposed by a structured grid coverage reader.
GranuleSource API to operate on Granules data.
GranuleStore API extending GranuleSource providing capabilities to add, delete and modify granules.
GridCoverage2DReader Provides access to named GridCoverage2D (along with any context information) from a persistent store.
GridFormatFactorySpi Constructs a live GridCoverageFormat.
HarvestedSource Information about one of the sources that have been processed by StructuredGridCoverage2DReader.harvest(String, Object, org.geotools.factory.Hints), indicating whether the object was successfully ingested or not.
StructuredGridCoverage2DReader A GridCoverage2DReader which exposes the underlying granule structure and allows to create and remove coverages.

Class Summary
AbstractGridCoverage2DReader This class is a first attempt for providing a way to get more informations out of a single 2D raster datasets (x,y).
AbstractGridCoverageWriter An AbstractGridCoverageWriter is the base class for all GridCoverageWriter implementations in GeoTools toolkit.
AbstractGridFormat AbstractGridFormat is a convenience class so subclasses only need to populate a Map class and set the read and write parameter fields.
DefaultDimensionDescriptor Default implementation of the DimensionDescriptor interface
DefaultHarvestedSource Default implementation of the HarvestedSource interface
GridFormatFinder Enable programs to find all available grid format implementations.
UnknownFormat This class can be used when a proper Format cannot be found for some input sources.

Enum Summary
DecimationPolicy Decimation policies.
OverviewPolicy Overview policies.

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