Teradata Plugin

Supports direct access to a Teradata database.




Note that the groupId is org.geotools.jdbc for this and other JDBC plugin modules.

Connection Parameters

Parameter Description
dbtype Must be the string teradata
host Machine name or IP address to connect to
port Port number to connect to, default is 1025
database The database to connect to, usually same as user
user User name
passwd Password


Example use:

java.util.Map params = new java.util.HashMap();
params.put( "dbtype", "teradata");
params.put( "host", "localhost");
params.put( "port", 1025);
params.put( "user", "geotools");
params.put( "passwd", "geotools");

DataStore dataStore=DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(params);


  • JDBC Driver

    GeoTools is unable to ship the Teradata JDBC driver with the standard distribution. It must be downloaded from Teradata separately.