SQL Server Plugin

Supports direct access to an SQL Server database.




Note that the groupId is org.geotools.jdbc for this and other JDBC plugin modules.

Connection Parameters

Parameter Description
“dbtype” Must be the string “sqlserver” if using the Microsoft Driver, otherwise use “jtds-sqlserver”
“host” Machine name or IP address to connect to
“port” Port number to connect to
“instance” Instance of Database to use (instead of port when multiple DB services are running)
“schema” The database schema to access
“database” The database to connect to
“user” User name
“passwd” Password


Example use:

java.util.Map params = new java.util.HashMap();
params.put( "dbtype", "sqlserver");
params.put( "host", "localhost");
params.put( "port", 4866);
params.put( "user", "geotools");
params.put( "passwd", "geotools");

DataStore dataStore=DataStoreFinder.getDataStore(params);


  • JDBC Driver Since GeoTools version 14 this module is compiled using the JTDS driver which is an improved open source driver It can be freely distributed and is built by default now. If you require the use of the Microsoft driver follow the instructions below.

    GeoTools is unable to ship the SQL Server JDBC driver with the standard distribution. It must be downloaded from Microsoft separately.