Image Mosaic JDBC FAQ

Q: How to Build image pyramids and tiles?

Creating the pyramids and tiles is not part of this module.

As a recommendation you can use gdal_retile which has been developed exactly for this requirement:

A good idea is to download the fwtools containing

The output of can be imported into the database with the import utility (described later).

A good practice is to use a color table for your source image(s). Less memory consumption and a better performance are the results. If you have an already tiled source image, be sure that each source tile uses the same color table, otherwise use (GDAL utility) to produce a big single image and apply (GDAL utility).

Q: How to import the tiles and the georeferencing information?

Importing the data is database dependent. If you have a spatial extension, the utility produces the proper world,shape or CSV files which you can import with a database utility.