Using the java ddl generation utility

Call Syntax:

java -jar gt-imagemosaicjdbc ddl   -config URLOrFileName -spatialTNPrefix spatialTNPrefix [-tileTNPrefix tileTNPrefix]
      [-pyramids pyramids] -statementDelim statementDelim [-srs srs ] -targetDir


  • -config

    The URL or the file name of your xml configuration

  • -spatialTNPrefix

    The Prefix of the spatial tables. A prefix of “SPAT” results in tables SPAT_0,SPAT_1,….

  • -tileTNPrefix

    The Prefix of the tile tables. Only needed if you plan to store image data in a separate table.

  • -pyramids

    Number of pyramid tables

  • -statementDelim

    The sql statement delimiter used in the scripts

  • -srs

    The srs needed for a spatial extension. Not required for universal and mysql.

  • -targetDir

    The directory where to put the script templates.

Generated Scripts

The create table statement for the metatable
The drop table statement for the meta table
All statements for adding a coverage named <coverage_name> (taken from the config)
All statements for removing a coverage named <coverage_name> (taken from the config)