Class ComplexElementHandler

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    public class ComplexElementHandler
    extends XMLElementHandler
    This class is intended to handle parsing an xml element from an instance document for elements who's type is both known and complex. This handler is used within the XMLSAXHandler to handle sax events generated by the SAX parser.
    See Also:
    ComplexType, Serialized Form
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      void characters​(String text1)
      This method throws a SAXNotSupportedException if it is called and not overwritten.
      void endElement​(URI namespaceURI, String localName, Map<String,​Object> hints)
      handles SAX end Element events.
      Element getElement()
      This returns the Element specified.
      XMLElementHandler getHandler​(URI namespaceURI, String localName, Map<String,​Object> hints)
      TODO summary sentence for getHandler ...
      String getName()
      This returns the name of the element being represented by this handler.
      ComplexType getType()
      returns the Type of the Elementhandler
      Object getValue()
      TODO summary sentence for getValue ...
      void removeElement​(XMLElementHandler handler)
      Remove the given XMLElementHandler from the Child-List
      void startElement​(URI namespaceURI, String localName, Attributes attr1)
      TODO summary sentence for startElement ...
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